Andrew’s Open Letter

Andrew’s Open Letter to Customers and Suppliers:

Thank you all for your concern and well wishes!  Michelle and I have been honored and blessed to serve the Wenatchee Valley area through our “Andrew’s Sew and Vac” store, but since we were unable to find a suitable buyer for the store as a “going concern”, we made the decision to close the retail store forever.  Online sales will continue.

It is always a labor of love to own and operate a business.  At the start of 2018, between Michelle and I, we had 3 businesses to manage.  In March 2018 we completed the asset sale of one of the businesses, leaving us with 2 businesses remaining.  After trying but failing to find a buyer for Andrew’s Sew and Vac LLC, we decided in November 2018 to conduct a Store Closing Sale.  This will allow us to focus our time and attention on just the one  remaining business.  When we close, the brands we represent will be “available”, and I expect soon a NEW store will open in Wenatchee to sell and service these brands.

We have had wonderful relationships with Brother and Janome Sewing Machine Companies, they both make incredibly good machines and they value their customer’s satisfaction immensely.   They have been the very best business “partners” one could ask for.  You’ll never regret buying a machine from either of these manufacturers.

The SEBO vacuum cleaner company also deserves a special shout-out.  Along with making the most durable vacuum cleaners I have ever experienced, they also make them a reasonable weight and very quiet.  Although I also like many of the vacuums from Simplicity and Miele, I personally own 4 SEBO vacuums (not all in the same house!) and SEBO’s customer service has been beyond reproach.  They are a valued supplier and they show a unique passion in all they do.

MD Central Vacuums is another partner manufacturer who has always put the customer first and has always had the utmost quality and integrity in all their business practices.  Thanks to all of you at MD, and thanks for having the guts to always do what’s right, especially in an industry where shady deals seem to be the norm.  You guys shine like a light in the darkness.

To Ricky from RNK Distributing, you took a gamble and sent an educator out to a fledgling store in Wenatchee and in the years since, we helped a lot of people learn to enjoy Embroidery at a much higher level thru the Floriani Thread and Stabilizer products.  Y’all sure do know how to hustle and make the most of every day you’ve been given.  It’s been an honor to work with each and every one of you.

Anita Goodesign and Steve Wilson – many times we’ve run Embroidery Parties and had so much fun – but we couldn’t have done it without your partnership and products.  The All Access Clubs keep our customers in Stitches, and we appreciate that you’ll be sending the monthly clubs to our customers after they cannot come into the store anymore.  We appreciate the dedication you have to your American-based design and production and customer-service teams.  Your company is a true American success story and I know a little how much work that takes.

And last but not least, our wonderful Wenatchee-area customers.  Thanks for all the memories.  It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve you in all the countless ways.  We hope that we were able to help you attain your creative goals and help your projects come to life.  Hope to run into you in the grocery store soon!

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  • Lila Moffors says:

    Andrew’s Sew & Vac was my “go to place in Wenatchee. I will really miss it. I haven’t been your most “buying” customer; maybe because what I have bought there (Brother sewing/embroidery machine) have been so reliable. God’s blessings to your staff.
    Great success in your future!!!!!!

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