Bernina Sewing Machine Repair in Wenatchee

Recently we got a phone call from a lady who wondered about getting repairs done on her Bernina Sewing Machine.  She had been told that repairs should only be done by a Certified or Authorized Bernina Repair Shop, such as a Bernina Dealer, but her local dealership had sort of “botched” the last several repairs and she wondered if she could bring it to us instead.

So here’s what I told her:

The newer or more advanced machines may need to  be serviced at a Bernina dealership, if there are new firmware to be uploaded, or special electronic problems that might require recalibration of circuit boards or replacement of electronic parts.

But a normal Sewing Machine Tune Up will include cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of certain mechanical components, and replacement of wear parts, can be done at ANY competent sewing machine shop, so long as the Technician doing the work is experienced and careful.  In our case, one of our mechanics is “Bernina Trained” and was previously employed at a Bernina shop, and our other technician has been cross-trained so that he is also very comfortable with working on Bernina machines.

To sum it up, I think it’s important to bring your machine to people you trust, and a place you enjoy visiting.    If we are looking at a problem that needs the machine to go to a Bernina dealer, we’ll tell you and advise you how to proceed.  It’s a lot like any visit to the doctor…. if your Doctor thinks that you should go visit a Specialist, he or she will tell you, and also many times give you a referral to a fellow Doc that they trust to treat you right.  Sewing machines are really no different!


  • Lila Mofford says:

    Where can I have my Brother Innov’-vm5100 repaired?

    • andrew says:

      There is a service-center and dealer locator on the Brother website. There’s over a dozen in Washington State. I have heard very good reviews about the Quality Sew and Vac store in Issaquah, WA.

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