Wenatchee Area Vacuum Cleaner Repair

If your vacuum has broken down, it’s possible it just needs repair and you could save a lot of money if the fix is simple and cheap!

If you live anywhere in North Central Washington, just throw the vacuum in the car and head on down to Andrew’s Sew and Vac, we’re between the one-ways, just South of 9th Street in Wenatchee.

Once inside, we’ll take a quick look at the unit to determine whether or not a fix is going to be reasonable.  Many problems are inexpensive, such as a bad power cord, or a clogged filter or passageway, or even worn out belt or brushroller unit.  We stock all the common parts for quick repair turn-around, and more unusual parts can be received in just a couple days from our supply warehouse in Portland.

If circumstances warrant replacement, you’ll be glad to see a variety of attractively priced vacuum cleaners in the store.  Many of our in-store prices are EVEN LOWER than available on our website.


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